Posted on: January 30, 2010 11:26 pm

BBN 1/30: Win #20

Is there another player in America that is improving game by game any better than Cousins? It seemed like he was finishing off And1 3-pt plays just about at will whenever he got a touch vs Vandy. Big #15 is the biggest target on the team with the biggest bullseye, but he has grown up a ton since Cancun, in all aspects of his game - his effort is tremendous, and you can tell he's putting in all the hard work with his moves in the post and his improving free throws. It's quite a sight to behold to see him maturing before our very eyes!... March Beastness.

2 more things I loved about this game:
1. +18 Rebounding advantage for UK (including 18-3 on the offensive boards) combined with 12-23 shooting behind the 3-pt arc2. Lebron looks like an awesome Y wearing Kentucky Blue!
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Posted on: January 25, 2010 5:46 pm

BBN 1/25: So cliché but still …

…what a difference a year can make. Last January, there were so many random views of and within BBN on the state of the UK basketball program: Meeks’ 54 provided an exciting but conflicted appearance in the national spotlight, as any positive buzz rapidly degenerated into team chemistry questions and the instantly infamous Jeanine Edwards’ sideline interview. Rumors of team bus revolts and bathroom stall punishments began to surface, amid continuously frivolous arguments of how far the program had slipped, and just who was to blame because so-and-so’s playing all these minutes, and was Patterson in fact a Smith recruit or not, and why on earth do the ‘Cats not play any zone since no one on the team can stay within 15 feet of players like Downey, and is really in the job description of UK basketball coach to be an “ambassador” for the university or not, and just how bad would it look if UK ran another coach off without giving them at least a third year, and…

… now, the lion’s share of “controversy” centers around topics like whether or not UK can handle the pressure of being #1, or will UK be better off losing a game soon and if so where, and why is there so little coverage on ESPN about Hoops for Haiti, and can you believe someone bid $98k to have dinner at coach’s house, and just what kind of shape will next year’s roster be in since there could be so many early departures for the NBA draft, and…

… for the record, for however long or fleeting it may last, I for one am savoring the sight of UK's meteoric,unanimous rise to the top of the January 25, 2010 Men’s College Basketball polls. In the profound words of my McD’s poster: One World, One Big Blue Nation … I’m lovin’ it!
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Posted on: January 24, 2010 11:46 am

wicked tasty clunk

kentucky wildcats = WICKED TASTY CLUNK
go to this link and type in any name to see what anagram it comes up with -- usually it's pretty hilarious and sometimes even downright freaky!
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